How Dan Can Help

Dan’s clients often say “I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help.” Their sponsoring organizations describe the benefits of his work by saying “improved results” and “positive behavior change.” While specific individual and organizational benefits vary, Dan’s clients tend to agree that his coaching style is positive, supportive and successful.

Does this sound like your team’s situation?

  • Changing roles and needs: You want to upgrade the leadership agility of your key managers. Some have been successful in the past, but the strategies and behaviors that previously served them well no longer seem effective.
  • Subject matter experts with few leadership skills: Someone on your team – maybe even you – was promoted to a leadership role based on technical competence but needs to gain skills and insights to become a true leader.
  • Emerging dysfunction: You lead a department, function or company that’s previously performed well. As expectations have risen, so has the organizational dysfunction.
  • Mentoring is a must: You have tried to mentor key team members toward improved results, but they have not responded as quickly as you hoped.
  • Conflict in the organization: Relationships are unstable or deteriorating. You have observed an increasing level of distrust and conflict between team members, and your efforts to promote harmony haven’t worked thus far.
  • Leadership tune-up time: You have noticed that you and your team need to take some time out to focus on leadership, develop the right skills and be sure you see yourselves as others see you.

How does Dan help?

Dan Haile creates value by helping his clients envision new approaches, new solutions and new perspectives. Through coaching and consultation, he helps you and your team become better leaders and reach your goals by using proven tools and tactics. Today’s business environment requires new kinds of leaders – ones who continuously develop new skills and sensitivities. Dan’s intuitive pragmatism leads your organization and your team to new actions and practices that bring better results and greater satisfaction.

Dan uses two primary approaches to help executives, professionals and business owners:

Coaching: Relying on personal management experience and proven approaches and tools, Dan Haile coaches executives and professionals both one-on-one and in groups and teams to help foster the skills, perspective and self-awareness that are often lacking. Individuals – and the organization – benefit from this fresh perspective through positive, long-term behavioral change. To learn more, read Dan’s white paper on the executive coaching process.

Training: Dan facilitates workshops and targeted learning efforts to help executive teams transform management into leadership. Topics of focus include:

  • “The Leadership Acid Test” (proven leadership behaviors)
  • Transforming organizational culture
  • Managing change
  • Building personal and organizational trust
  • Assuring strategic hiring
  • Strengthening delegation skills
  • Building performance leadership