Services & Benefits

The executives, professionals and organizations with whom Dan works participate in goal setting on the front end. Dan then uses proven techniques and tools to achieve stated goals and desired benefits.

Executive Assessment and Coaching

Dan coaches executives and professionals both one-on-one and in groups and teams to help foster the perspective, self-observation and self-awareness that’s often lacking. And he helps executives use this fresh perspective to facilitate positive, long-term behavioral changes. Simply put, new perspective and new actions/practices equal improved results for your organization and greater personal satisfaction for you.

Leadership Consulting and Training

Dan facilitates workshops and targeted learning efforts for leadership and management teams to help strengthen leadership and interpersonal skills. Topics of focus include:

  • “The Leadership Acid Test” (proven leadership behaviors)
  • Transforming organizational culture
  • Managing change
  • Building personal and organizational trust
  • Assuring strategic hiring
  • Strengthening delegation skills
  • Building performance leadership

Workplace Mediation

Dan provides workplace mediation, or workplace conflict resolution, as a confidential but informal service on a one-time or ongoing basis as needed. Workplace mediation is designed to reconcile differences that negatively impact colleagues’ ability to collaborate, and to empower colleagues to take responsibility for interpersonal issues and work toward resolution. Dan provides a structure within which that work can take place by creating a psychologically safe environment where positive, productive conflict can be skillfully navigated. Executives who are having difficulty with peers or subordinates are ideal candidates for this service.

Dan’s work in this area can save an organization the excessive expense of turnover and replacement. Examples of situations where workplace mediation can help:

  • Mediating between a CEO and COO who are of different ages and genders,and have different value systems, who are consequently in conflict about how to run the company
  • In an organization that practices matrix management, working with a Vice President who is having difficulty managing a Director who also informally reports to another Vice President
  • Navigating conflict in an organization’s branch operations, where a newer manager, their longer-tenured (and older) assistant, and their shared subordinates are having difficulty adapting to working under a new management style.

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