Dan’s Background

Having the rare combination of corporate management, finance, accounting, healthcare operations and executive coaching experience enables Dan to bring a unique intuitive pragmatism to building your team of leaders.

Researchers studying the effectiveness of the executive coaching profession have clearly shown that the successful practitioner possesses some level of proficiency in four primary competencies: management experience, psychology, organizational leadership and coaching. What is different about Dan is his unique combination of skills and experience in each of these four areas – enabling him to bring an intuitive pragmatism to his coaching engagements that leads to relevant behavior change for the individual and improved results for the organization.

Consider Dan’s background and qualifications:

  • Dan brings to executive coaching the perspective of two decades of hands-on Fortune 100 management/leadership experience, including top and bottom-line responsibility. As a Certified Public Accountant, Dan led a large group of finance, accounting and operations professionals as both Vice-President of Internal Audit and Division CFO for HCA, a $30 billion multi-national healthcare company.
  • Early in his business career, Dan studied Model-Netics® and subsequently became a Certified Instructor for this powerful leadership/management development program that has an impressive track record for proven results in a variety of organizations. Dan’s career and experience were strengthened by and benefited powerfully from the knowledge and understanding of organizational theory and leadership gained from teaching Model-Netics to hundreds of corporate managers.
  • Dan holds the designations of Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute (one of the oldest coach training organizations in the profession) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from The International Coach Federation; he has coached, mentored and sponsored hundreds of leaders, managers and individuals in his 25 years of corporate and coaching experience.
  • Dan’s personal life also has held opportunities for self-observation and self-awareness that often bring an added understanding and fresh approach to his work with clients. Many have found Dan’s story to be one with which they can relate or from which they can build leadership perspective and strength.

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Dan’s professional approach

Dan Haile coaches executives and professionals both one-on-one and in groups and teams to help foster the skills, perspective and self-awareness that are often lacking. Individuals – and the organization – benefit from this fresh perspective through positive, long-term behavioral change. His two primary approaches are:

Executive Assessment and Coaching – where executives and professionals gain new perspective that leads to new actions and practices, improves results for your organization and brings greater personal satisfaction.

Leadership Consulting and Training – facilitated workshops and targeted learning activities help strengthen leadership skills such as change management, personal motivation and delegation.

Dan’s six-step executive coaching process ensures the proper coaching fit, clarity regarding coaching engagement goals, accountability and commitment to long-term executive development.