Client Testimonials & Case Studies

The results clients have experienced have become the reputation upon which Dan Haile has built his executive coaching business. His successful coaching projects include:

  • Working with the CEO of a large regional medical center to improve relationships with key direct reports, medical staff, and board of directors.
  • Working with the CEO of a regional sales-driven technology company to become more self-aware, create and communicate a stronger, more effective organizational vision, and become a more skillful delegator.
  • Collaborating with the CEO and CFO of a national design and engineering firm to bring more leadership skills into the C-suite.
  • Partnering with the president of a national hospital chain to hone their communications skills and navigate conflict more effectively.
  • Working as a thought partner with a metropolitan banking VP to identify a variety of solutions and pathways for traversing personal crisis.
  • Coaching a VP of a palliative care company on becoming more direct and effectively communicating at the executive level.
  • Working with the CFO and Audit Director of a large state housing agency with assets totaling nearly $3 billion to strengthen interdepartmental and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Coaching the CEO/Chief Medical Officer of a chain of walk-in clinics on improving organizational skills and strengthening accountability with direct reports.
  • Helping the CFO of a large, publicly traded retailer transition into a new role.
  • Helping to strengthen the leadership and management skills among the management team of a statewide regulatory agency through a series of focused workshops.
  • Coaching a VP of Internal Audit through the search and transition from a chain of ambulatory surgery centers to a large retailer, helping improve fit of crucial skills and identify strategic opportunities for growth.
  • Working with a seasoned finance professional and CEO of a financial services start-up firm to improve self-awareness, strengthen relational skills, and manage stress for better outcomes.

Although Dan’s specific engagements are usually confidential, they include work with executives and professionals from the following companies and organizations:

    • Bridgestone Americas
    • Genesco
    • Cardinal Health
    • CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of America)
    • Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management
    • Nashville International Airport
    • WEX, Inc.
    • The Presbyterian Foundation
    • Wirtgen America
    • The Country Music Association
    • Tennessee Housing Development Agency
    • Clinical Solutions Pharmacy
    • Community Health Systems
    • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    • Belmont University Center for Executive Education
    • The Gideons International
    • LP Corporation
    • Ingram Content Group
    • Nashville Electric Service
    • MedSolutions/eviCore
    • Vulcan Materials Company
    • Kindred Healthcare
    • Healthcare Management Partners
    • Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
    • SSR (Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.)
    • 7Twelve Advisors

The following Case Studies further illustrate how Dan’s coaching makes a difference in the lives of clients and their organizations.

Case Study: Clinical Solutions
Case Study: Effective Leadership in a New Industry
Case Study: Becoming a Legal Profession Leader
Case Study: Coping With Pressure While Defending Felony Charges and Running a Business


“Dan has been my personal coach since 2012. Since that time, my business has doubled in size to more than 300 employees. Through his 360? review process and frank counseling approach, he helped me become a more effective delegator and articulate vision caster. Based on that success, NovaCopy engaged Dan to moderate our Team 2020 succession planning and leadership development processes. I endorse Dan for executive coaching services.”
– Darren Metz, CEO, NovaCopy

“We have used outside facilitators and executive coaches a number of times over the years, primarily when an individual or the team seems to be ‘stuck.’ We have worked with Dan Haile on several occasions and have found him to be professional, thoughtful, and helpful. He seems to be able to adjust his approach based on the individual and the circumstances and does not rely on a one-size-fits-all method. His life experiences allow him to bring the right balance of compassion and bluntness to his work. I would recommend Dan for any individual or group sincerely interested in increasing their effectiveness.”
– Rob Barrick, CEO & Chairman, Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

“I worked with Dan Haile during a time in my career that I needed an unbiased opinion of my leadership skills, particularly with challenging personalities. Some of the key attributes of Dan’s coaching were his listening, encouragement, frankness, observation of body language, and the ‘homework’ assignments, which all helped me to be more self-aware. I even shared very personal struggles—getting them out on the table—I had never done this before. And this was extremely beneficial. If you want to ‘hone’ your skills, or if you are in a lull professionally, or you have had a real setback professionally, I would encourage you to consider Dan as a coach. My work with him helped changed my work and married life—yes, your spouse wants you to succeed as much as you do, and Dan helped me understand this better.”
– Appreciative Hospital CEO

“I’ve been fortunate to know Dan and benefit from his work in many different roles, originally when he was an executive in finance at HCA. Dan is a wise and attentive listener first, so his work and recommendations for clients are informed by their needs, curiosity and personal growth goals. One of the most rewarding aspects of his coaching methodology is his ability to access a variety of leadership models, based on the person and the situation. I have called on Dan in times of personal crisis and when I needed wise, professional direction. Dependable and trustworthy, highly skilled with a well-stocked toolbox—Dan is a terrific professional partner in executive growth.”
Beth Alexander, VP, Private Banking/Community & Investor Relations, CapStar Bank

“I worked with Dan in improving executive level communication skills as a VP of Health and Wellness in a very competitive business. Dan is intuitive and insightful in his approach of identifying opportunities for personal growth. His coaching and guidance was instrumental in providing me a stepping stone for improvement within an executive team in a highly competitive business. The coaching was invaluable and gave me the confidence to move ahead in areas where I previously was unsure of myself. I would recommend Dan for both personal and team coaching from staff to executive level positions. Money and time well spent!”
– Brendie Keane, Vice President of Patient Care Center, Aspire Health, Inc.

“Dan is an excellent coach and brings clarity to issues that will have you get the results you want now. Dan’s coaching helped me surface challenges and deal with them in a positive way.”
– Vance LaVelle, SVP, Sirius Satellite Radio/Avaya Telecommunications

“Dan is a life changer. He is smart, thoughtful, creative, skillful, and energetic. What that amounts to is that I can honestly say that my recent success in building a new company would simply not have been possible without Dan’s expertise. I would recommend Dan for any senior level exec who is trying to accomplish great things in his or her life.”
– Andy Martin, 7Twelve Advisors

Being a successful husband, father, and healthcare executive with a heart of a teacher, Dan’s professional and life experiences give him a unique ability to provide valuable coaching or mentorship advice to anyone that cares enough about their own personal and/or professional goals to create a deliberate plan toward self-awareness and improvement.”
– Richard Algood, Senior Vice President, Reimbursement, Kindred Healthcare

“Dan has helped me explore new ideas and possibilities and think about myself in a different way. Working with him has improved my personal focus and created new, positive ways to relate to others personally and professionally. I’d recommend Dan to anyone who’s looking for ways to move forward in business and in life.”
– Helen Gaye Brewster, Nashville Chamber of Commerce