Executive Coaching Services

Dan Haile, PPC

Dan Haile is a seasoned executive coach and leadership advisor committed to helping executives who want to become better leaders in today’s environment. With a rich Fortune 100 management background, in-depth expertise, effective tools and proven tactics, Dan will supply the leadership skills needed for moving any organization forward.

Let’s discuss your executive coaching needs

Why Executive Coaching Works

Executive coaching helps individuals and teams strengthen their leadership and relationship skills in the ever-evolving world around them.


The Benefits of Coaching

Clients whom Dan works with participate in goal setting and then utilize proven techniques and tools to achieve stated goals and desired benefits.


What Dan’s Clients Are Saying

The results clients have experienced have become the reputation upon which Dan Haile has built his executive coaching business.


Leading in today’s dynamic climate has its challenges:

  • Hire and motivate talented teams.
  • Skillfully manage change and continuous improvement.
  • Respond constructively to challenges and opportunities.
  • Lead high potential and difficult employees simultaneously.
  • Earn the respect of others.
  • Make better decisions.

Leaders are made, not born.

Are you a C-level executive looking to round out the leadership skills of your high potential managers to build bench strength for succession planning? Perhaps you could benefit from personal coaching or strengthening a specific leadership style that works best within your organization. Dan will create a custom approach based on your particular culture, strategies and goals.

With Dan Haile’s help, you get positive behavioral change, improved organizational results and greater personal satisfaction. You and your team can become the new kinds of leaders that today demands.